Founded in 1994 as a French company, the current 3SP Technologies took its roots from a French research laboratory dedicated to photonics and created in the 1980's, which attracted the attention of the Alcatel group as early as 1991 to become Alcatel Optronics SA in 1994, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Alcatel group. Listed on the stock exchange market in 2000, Alcatel Optronics enjoyed a phenomenal growth from 1999 to 2001, correlated with the fast expansion of the Internet. As to the entire telecom market, its growth was affected by the bursting of the Internet bubble at the end of 2001.
In 2003, Alcatel sold Alcatel Optronics to Avanex, a Californian company, and was renamed Avanex France SA.
In April 2007, Avanex France SA was purchased by Alexandre Krivine, an expert in French high-tech success stories, and Didier Sauvage, former director of Avanex France. They renamed the company 3S PHOTONICS.
In February 2010, 3S PHOTONICS expanded its activities through the acquisition of Avensys Inc. in Montreal (Canada), which specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of components and modules made from optical fibers and is a market leader in environmental surveillance systems and industrial processes. Avensys Inc. has significant involvement in the ITF Laboratories Inc. (ITF Labs) dedicated to Research and Development.
In October 2011, Eurazeo took a stake in the capital of 3S PHOTONICS and became the majority shareholder.  With a diversified portfolio of approximately 4 billion euros in assets, Eurazeo is one of the leading listed investment companies in Europe. Eurazeo’s on-going commitment has a triple benefit for the company : to grow faster than its market and to acquire a leadership position, to better anticipate changes and keep a step ahead of its competitors and to provide long-lasting protection in an unstable business environment.
In November 2011, 3S PHOTONICS continued its external growth strategy with the acquisition of Manlight, an internationally recognized manufacturer of amplifiers and fiber lasers.
In October 2014, 3S PHOTONICS was purchased through a joint offer of Advance Photonics Investments Limited and O-Net Communications (Group) Limited, and renamed the company as 3SP Technologies.  On the same day Advance Photonics Investments Limited entered into a management contract with O-Net for the daily management of 3SP Technologies.  O-Net, listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, is a leading supplier of passive optical networking subcomponents, components, modules and subsystems used in high-speed telecommunications and data communications network systems.
Through this development, a new 3SP Technologies was born and is on its way of evolving into one of the industry’s global leaders, offering a unique set of highly reliable optical components in the world.